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Interactive presentation of dynamic sign-posting
Greater Munich area

Destinations: Centre, Allianz-Arena, airport, fair
Motorways A8, A9, A92, A94, A95, A96, A99 und A995

Development of an interactive presentation of the sign-posting in the greater Munich area.

The main focus of the project was the creation of a decision support tool for the authorities involved in the route guidance visualization of the Munich metropolitan area. An integrated concept has been set up to give standardized route information on every access road to the destinations: airport, stadium, Munich fair and city centre. For each route, a set of alternative routes is also given in the interactive presentation.

In addition, a complete inventory of existing sign-posts on motorways and major access routes has been visualized in order to compare the existing situation with the proposed guidance. The presentation consists of more than 100 different routes.

for Highway Authority of Southern Bavaria, Munich