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Erster Bauabschnitt der Seitenstreifenfreigabe auf der A9 eröffnet
First section for Hard Shoulder Running on the A9 opened to traffic

19.12.12, Munich: after an extended period of planning and construction under full traffic, the first section of the new Traffic Management System (TMS) with Hard Shoulder Running has been opened to traffic on 19.12.12. The whole project includes 30 km in both directions between the motorway junctions Neufahrn and Holledau in Bavaria, Germany [continue]

Landseitiges Leitsystem VELIS am neuen Flughafen BER fertig gestellt
Landside guidance system VELIS for Berlin's new Airport BER completed

03.06.12, The landside guidance system VELIS on Berlin's new Airport BER is ready for operation now. However, the Airport has not been opened yet due to delays in other parts of the project. [continue]

Carmel Tunnels in Haifa für den Verkehr freigegeben
Carmel Tunnels in Haifa opened for traffic

01.12.10, Haifa: Following a ceremony with the Prime Minister, Carmel Tunnels in Haifa have been opened for traffic. This 6,5 km long urban road includes four tunnel tubes in two sections. It marks the first major road tunnel project in Israel. It connects the western parts of Haifa with the industrial zones in the north of the city and also the urban districts of Nave Sha'anan on top of the Carmel mountain with a middle entry and exit on Rupin road. [continue]

Fahrstreifensignalisierung B212 Grimsbystraße in Bremerhaven in Betrieb
Reversible lane system on B212 in Bremerhaven in operation

13.08.10, Bremerhaven: After an intensive testing period the new reversible lane system on the B 212 in the City of Bremerhaven has started operation. The system runs automatically on the main feeder road between the motorway and the inner city and assigns the traffic direction of the middle lane according to the actual traffic demand.
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Erste dNet Anzeigequerschnitte auf der A8 in Betrieb genommen
First dNet VMS on A8 motorway in operation

June 2010, Munich: The first set of VMS of the new long-distance guidance and information system across bavarian motorways (dNet Bayern) is now ready for service. It will guide motorists on the A8 motorway through the alpine corridors and inform about any traffic or weather problems downstream .
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Einsatzübungen in den Tunneln Velbert-Birth und Velbert-Langenberg
Operation-Training in two tunnels nearby Duesseldorf

11.12.09, Düsseldorf: VIA supervised training drills in road tunnels in North Rhine-
Westphalia as part of the tunnel safety inspector's work. The drills were organised by the road authority "Strassen.NRW" and the local fire brigades. [continue]

Landseitiges Leitsystem für den neuen Großflughafen Berlin-Brandenburg (BBI)
Landside guidance system for Berlin's new single airport

20.07.09, Berlin: the design has now started for the landside guidance system on the capital's new airport. [continue]

Verkehrsleitsystem zum neuen Stadion in Augsburg in Betrieb
Guidance system for the new Arena in Augsburg in operation

26.07.09, Augsburg: Just in time for kick-off of the first football match in Augusburg's new Stadium the new traffic and parking guidance system went into operation. VIA did the design and the supervision of this up-market VMS system.
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TSF A73 Erlangen - Ergebnisse der Begleituntersuchung zur Videodetektion
Hard shoulder running A73 Erlangen - results of video detection analysis

18.11.09, Erlangen: The hard shoulder running on A73 is in operation since over a year now. Time for a first full-size check-up of the video detection system. VIA conducted these field tests together with AIX Traffic. Results: during daylight, the system works perfectly, all minimum acceptable thresholds were met, for false alarms as well as missed alarms. During night time, the challenge for the detection system is much higher than expected, the results are not as good as during daylight, but still detection rates above 90% are achievable.
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Videobefahrung 2. Strelasundquerung
Video of the new strelasund-bridge

13.03.08, Stralsund: Take the tour over the new bridge to the island of Ruegen, the biggest German island. The 3 lane bridge has been equipped with a TMS and a reversible lane system.
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Tunnelsicherheitsbeauftragter im Land Berlin
VIA is tunnel safety manager

01.09.07, Berlin: VIA acts as safety inspector for the major Berlin road tunnels
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