Verkehrstechnische Ausrüstung auf Stadt- und Bundesstraßen
Traffic management systems on urban roads and highways

Neubau 2. Strelasundquerung

New Strelasund Crossing


New Strelasund Crossing

Neubau 2. Strelasundquerung

New Strelasund Crossing

Traffic management system Strelasundbridge (B96n)
Reversable Lane System

Lane signalling between Stralsund and AS Altefähr; Length of TMS section approx. 4,1 km, Length of bridge: 2.830 m, 3 lanes

Reversable Lane System for the new three-lane suspension bridge between the city of Stralsund and the island of Rügen as part of the new B96 link to Rügen, which is a popular holiday region and an important harbour (Sassnitz) for goods traffic into the whole baltic region. In order to optimize traffic flow depending on actual traffic demand and assist traffic management, the reversable lane system creates automatic suggestions for the operator.

These suggestions include 2+1 and 1+2 operation schemes (during peak hours, special events or weekends during the holiday period) and safety warnings during hazardous weather conditions or accident scenarios. In this case, the system suggests either a 1+1 operation with the middle lane closed for safety services or a complete emergency closure of the passage.

The feeder to the Strelasund Crossing is a 2+2 dual carriage-way which has to be integrated into the 3-lane system on the bridge. This is realized through the installation of switchable lane signalling. The whole bridge traffic is monitored by video cameras featuring a video detection system that can set off automatic alarms in case of incidents such as wrong-way driving, driving on closed lanes, stopped vehicles and accidents.

VIA was responsible for the concept, planning for approval, final design, preparation for tender, supervision and testing of the Reversable Lane System.

Opening for traffic: 20.10.2007
VIA Beratende Ingenieure services included: Design, conception, tender, supervision, acceptance test

for Deutsche Einheit Fernstraßenplanungs- und -bau GmbH (DEGES), Berlin

Additional information (in german): Rügenzubringer und 2. Strelasundquerung

Video of the new Rügen Bridge: