Verkehrstechnische Ausrüstung auf Stadt- und Bundesstraßen
Traffic management systems on urban roads and highways

VBA Grimsbystraße in Richtung A27

TMS Grimsbystraße (direction A27)


Planning detail

Feuerwehr-LSA im Einsatz

Fire service

Traffic management system Bremerhaven-Mitte, B212
Lane Signalling

AS Bremerhaven-Centrum - Lloydstr., Lenght ca. 2,8 km, 3/5 Lanes

The B212 is the only motorway feeder without surrounding properties in Bremerhaven and leads from the motorway junction Bremerhaven-Centrum into the new tourist center Old/new harbour. During the reconstruction of the neighbouring junction, the B212 serves as a supraregional connector between the motorway and the oversea container port.

To cope with the additional load on the B212, a new traffic management system (TMS) is projected. Core of this project is a lane signalling installation that permits middle lane traffic in both directions, depending on the traffic volume in one or the other direction. Since the largest traffic volume per direction arises at different times of the day, the TMS increases the efficiency of the route by reliably releasing two lanes in the direction most frequented.

Opening for traffic: 13.08.2010
VIA Beratende Ingenieure services include: Design, tender, supervision, testing

for City of Bremerhaven, Magistrate