Verkehrstechnische Ausrüstung von Tunneln
Traffic management systems in tunnels

Geplante Ausstattung im AD Neukölln

Expected equipment of the highway junction Neukölln


Tunnel portal

Anzeigequerschnitt außerhalb des Tunnels

Display points outside the tunnel

Wechselwegweisung und Fahrstreifensignale

Dynamic Route Guidance und Lane Control Signs

Traffic Management System (TMS) Tunnel Grenzallee Autobahn 100 (A100) (TGR)
Traffic control system for a tunnel on the A100

The Tunnel Grenzallee (390m) located in the extended segment of the Berlin city ring (A100) will be outfitted with an advanced tunnel control system.

The planned extension of the Berlin city ring consists of a 3 km segment between the highway junctions Neukölln (Autobahndreieck Neukölln) and Treptower Park. After completion, the eastern districts will have an improved access to the urban motorway and the aiport access road A 113. The attached plan approval procedure has been initiated in 2009.

The new section will mainly be situated below grade, containing the Tunnel Grenzallee whose Traffic Management System (TMS) supports a Route Guidance System to ensure additional safety and efficiency of the tunnel traffic. As the highway junction Neukölln and the Tunnel Britz (TOB) are situated nearby, precise coordination between these control systems is required. To solve this issue, the Tunnel Grenzallee and the TOB are connected as a chain of tunnels.

According to the German Guidelines for the Equipment and Operation of Road Tunnels RABT 2006, the associated equipment will include lane control signals (LCS), barriers, crossover passages, traffic lights, variable message signs (VMS), overheight vehicle detection, dynamic route guidance, TLSoverIP, a tunnel safety reaction matrix and an update of the TMS control center.

VIA Beratende Ingenieure services include:

Period for completion: 2007 to 2010

Further information regarding the highway junction Neukölln (Autobahndreieck Neukölln) (pdf*, 2,9 MB)

for: Senate Department for Urban Development, Berlin