Verkehrstechnische Ausrüstung von Tunneln
Traffic management systems in tunnels

Tunnelportal Tunnel Forstamt (Bestand)

Current tunnel portal Tunnel Forstamt

Tunnelportal Tunnel Beyschlagsiedlung (Bestand)

Current tunnel portal Tunnel Beyschlagsiedlung

Tunnel Beyschlagsiedlung

Tunnel Beyschlagsiedlung

Fluchtwegpiktogramm (Bestand)

Existing escape route pictogram

Verkehrstechnische Ausstattung Tunnelkette Autobahn 111 (TBS, TFA, TTO, UES)
Traffic control system for four tunnels on motorway 111 (A 111)

Four tunnels located on the feeder road to Hamburg (A 111) are intended to be upgraded to match the RABT 2006 guidelines

The tunnel Beyschlagsiedlung (approx. 500 m) and the tunnel Forstamt (approx. 200m) currently lack a traffic management system. The tunnel Tegel Ortskern (TTO - 750 m) containing the underpass Ernststraße (UES - 150m) is equipped with an LCS, a variable message sign system (VMS) and several barriers which are to be replaced due to their overdue service time.

As the remaining equipment does not match the requirements of the RABT 2006 either, crossover passages, traffic lights and a highway traffic management system (HTMS) have to be added between the Berlin-Brandenburg border and the existing HTMS located in the tunnel Tegel Airport.

The system includes:

VIA Beratende Ingenieure services include:

Subcontract: DB International
for: Senate Department for Urban Development, Berlin