Verkehrstechnische Ausrüstung auf Autobahnen
Traffic management systems on motorways

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Nighttime mounting

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Installation of the VMS gantry

dNet Anzeigequerschnitt

dNet VMS gantry


Example for VMA message

dNet Bavaria Inntal junction A8 Eastbound
VMS for long-distance route information on motorway A8, Inntal junction near Munich

VMS as part of dNet Bavaria at the approach to Inntal junction A8 / A93

The first module of the new traffic guidance system in Bavaria dynamische Netzsteuerung Bayern (dNet Bayern):

Bavaria's motorways suffer from high loads of transit and heavy traffic. Road works, accidents or bad weather conditions regularly cause substantial traffic jams which are very prominent during the holiday season. Heavy congestions in this area - especially on the trans-alpine corridors Brennerpass and Tauerntunnel - often have a supra-regional impact on the traffic of adjacent federal German states and Austria. To solve this issue, large-scale Traffic Management Systems featuring alternative route guidance are being installed.

The dNet concept involves the installation of two gantries as an addition to the regular blue signposts on the approach to a motorway junction.

As the route recommendations for the trans-alpine corridors may lead to a severe detour and longer travel time, the Inntal VMS includes a third gantry 8 km ahead of the junction. The additional first VMS gantry is located next to a parking area where drivers can decide on the next route in a relaxed mood.

The variable message signs featured are customizable full matrix LED displays for the displaying of any texts and symbols. The recommendations are updated constantly and feature both general and target specific (e.g. truck drivers) route guidance.

In order to increase acceptance, long distance route information can be displayed along with background information on the respective traffic situation and the cause of the deviation. The overhead lane arrows may be switched on or off through prismatic elements. This way, the VMS can show both general and lane related information (e.g. for the lanes leading to A93 only) on the approach to the junction.

Start of operation: June 2010
VIA Beratende Ingenieure services included: Design, preparation for tender, surveillance, testing

for Highway Authority of Southern Bavaria, Munich