Verkehrstechnische Ausrüstung auf Stadt- und Bundesstraßen
Traffic management systems on urban roads and highways

Terminal-Vorfahrt Abflug-Ebene

Airport Berlin Brandenburg

Zufahrt zum Terminal

Airport City (under construction)

Baustelle BBI

Construction site BBI

Terminal-Vorfahrt Abflug-Ebene

Traffic signs

Verkehrsleit- und Informationssystem Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg
Traffic guidance system Berlin International Airport

Traffic guidance system on the landside traffic area of the new Airport Berlin Brandenburg

The new aiport Berlin Brandenburg (BBI) will be connected to Berlin and its surroundings via the A113 and several federal motorways. To optimize the road users' access to the airport, the dynamic parking guidance system VELIS will lead the passengers to the terminal, the parking grounds or any other destination on the BBI. Integrated into the sign-posting, it can display traffic information flexibly on free text information boards.For instance, VELIS can inform the traffic users about a possible overload on the terminal access road. They can then be guided to the next free parking spots, possibly located in the new Airport-city.

VELIS is planned to be linked to the

22 different stations on the airport area, VELIS can dynamically operate LED and prismatic signposts. Data transmission is realized through TLS-over-IP in 15 roadside substations.

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