Verkehrstechnische Ausrüstung auf Autobahnen
Traffic management systems on motorways

A99 bei München

A99 near Munich

Standstreifenfreigabe per Prismenwender und Fahrstreifensignal

Hard shoulder running with prismatic displays and lane control signal

Anzeigequerschnitt Verkehrsbeeinflussung und Fahrstreifensignlisierung Standstreifen

VMS gantry and lane control signaling - hard shoulder

Traffic management system motorway A99 / A92 around Munich
AS Munich-Ludwigsfeld and AK Munich-South

TMS for a 50 km section of the 6-lane motorway ring around the Bavarian capital Munich and the A92, the Munich airport feeder.

The TMS consists of all usual elements to increase traffic safety, stabilize traffic flows and provide traffic information to the driver (these devices have been externally developed in the project MOBINET). In order to leave the remaining lanes undisturbed for long-distance traffic, special attention has been paid to lane-related sign-posting allowing right lane reversal (including the break-down lane) for certain destinations, such as the Munich Trade Fair or the stadium. Beside commuter traffic, special events and holiday traffic had been the cause for major capacity problems on the A99 in the past.

VIA was responsible for the concept and planning of the TMS up to the planning permission.

Additional information (in German) (pdf*, 238 kB)

for Highway Authority of Southern Bavaria, Munich