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Screenshot of the TOB-Extension software



Ostportal Tunnel Ortsteil Britz

Eastern portal of the TOB

A100/A113 Expansion of an existing tunnel control centre
Software concept, tests and supervision

Expansion of an existing Tunnel Control System (see projects TOB (Tunnel Ortsteil Britz) and Motorway A100-A113 (Junction AD Neukoelln) to include the adjacent motorway interchange between the new A113 (Airport Feeder) and the A100 motorway ring.

The traffic control of that motorway junction depends on the current tunnel status. In the case of a tunnel closure, sign-posting, moving barriers and lane signalization allow the drivers to leave the motorway before entering the closed section. Additionally, an intensified interaction with the security systems of the tunnel itself has been introduced in the new control software. The man-machine interface has been improved with a new concept of intuitive interaction: Programs can be chosen from a graphical interface which has been split up in action modules representing different tunnel areas.

The software has been designed with the SIEMENS COMO system. VIA has been responsible for co-writing the software concept for the tunnel control as well as the supervision of realization, testing and set-up of operation.

Specification of services:

further information (in german): Tunnel Ortsteil Britz (pdf*, 848 kB)

further information (in german): AD Neukölln (pdf*, 2,9 MB)

Completion: 14.07.2004

for Senate Department for Urban Development Berlin